His will be done

“This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Saviour, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” – 1 Timothy 2:4

Many of us have said the words “let His will be done”. But in many instances these words are uttered when we find ourselves in positions of defeat, when we are unable to accomplish something that we set out to achieve, when we have lost loved ones to death, when we are sick and the fight within us seems non-existent. It is as if we associate Gods will with difficulty and challenge. But what is Gods will? Do we actually understand what Gods will for us as His children really is? 

The will of God is that you be saved and come to know the truth, a truth that shall set you free from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bondage. A truth that shall relinquish all fear that causes you to stumble and fall and at most times a fear that limits your progression. A truth that shall see you emit love in all that you think, do and say.

The will of God is that you be happy. The will of God is that you forgive yourself. The will of God is that you find your place in heaven now. Yes, it’s true, at times in order for us to reach the happiness, the forgiveness, the state of love He so wishes upon us, we have to go through difficult situations. At times in order for us to come to a place of peace we need to get to a point where we are down on our knees completely. But this is only the case because we have forgotten who we truly are in Christ, we have forgotten our true nature. We have forgotten that we are creatures of love, we have forgotten the greatness, the beauty and power we possess within. Gods will for us is that we remember this truth and begin to live in it. Gods will is that we be saved from the death that comes with forgetting.

At a difficult point in my life, I remember asking God why he was allowing me to go through the pain I had found myself in. I asked Him why He was sitting back while everything around me was falling apart. I asked Him if He truly willed such hurt and pain over me. I was angry at Him. How could a father stand back and watch as her daughter’s life practically disintegrated into nothingness? How could He stand and watch as my heart broke time and time again? In a short space of time, I found myself pregnant 4 times and I consciously terminated three of those pregnancies. For a very long time I hated myself for that. For a very long time I carried a pain so deep, that just the thought of it all brought me down on my knees in grief. I carried with me a secret so dark it threatened to consume everything I could ever achieve in the future. I would never be able to forgive myself and consequently that very inability to let go and move on would chain my life down.

Years later I heard His voice say unto me, it’s time to let go, forgive yourself for I have already forgiven you. Understand that you are worthy of so much more than the life you have chosen. The life I have chosen? I asked, surprised by the statement.  Yes, He replied, the life you have chosen. I was appalled by those remarks. So, it was all my fault? It indeed was my fault. I had allowed the negative voice within me to convince me that I wasn’t good enough. My self-worth was so low that I sought recognition, acknowledgement and approval from any man that came my way and showed the slightest bit of interest in me, so much so, that I was willing to do anything really that would make me feel wanted or needed no matter how superficial those feelings were, this even involved having unprotected sex. As risky as this was, the approval I sought and thought I had achieved was worth the risk. I had chosen not to consider Gods love for me, I had chosen not to realise the beauty, the perfection that was within me.

I had to forgive myself and that would only happen once I realised what Gods will was for me. I had to forgive myself but that would only happen once I realised that everything I was, was Gods perfect creation. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, I had to stop punching myself in the face. I had to allow myself to feel the love God had for me because it is only then that I would love myself as I was, as I am, as I shall become. This is what Gods will for you is and has always been. That you be saved from the negative voice within and come to know the truth of the grandeur that lives within you thus allowing it to come alive on the outside.

Gods will for you is to be happy. Gods will for you is that you forgive yourself. Gods will is that you find your place in heaven now. Anything contrary to this is not His will. Begin to understand that He wants only the best for you. Allow Him to help you live it.

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